Summer Sundays

(28th July-2nd September)

We will be having one morning service at 10am


On Sundays we meet together to worship across a variety of services. each service has a different approach and feel but all provide space to explore our faith, support each other, and pray for our community and world. 

In addition to Sundays, STBBC runs Messy Church on Monday afternoons and we join each other throughout the week for small groups and activities.




Our weekly morning service welcomes everyone and is great for families.

This service will have groups for 0-14s:
0-3s Creche
3-5s Discovery
5-7s Explorers
7-11s Adventurers
11-14s Pulse
All our leaders are DBS checked, and you will be able to identify them on Sunday mornings by their coloured polo shirts

 The service is generally just over an hour long and is followed by tea and coffee in the foyer and Large Lounge.


11AM Weekly

This service will follow the same teaching as the 9:30am service and will have similar music although we anticipate this being a slightly quieter service.

Join us at 10:30am for tea and coffee before the service



Our weekly evening service will vary in format each week. For the rest of 2018 we are following this pattern.

1st Sunday of the month Evening Prayers & Communion A quiet and gentle liturgical evening, with a short reflection and the sharing of communion.

2nd Sunday of the month 2nd Sunday Informal and open, with extended times of sung worship and a short sermon.

3rd Sunday of the month Bible Study A mixture of input from the front and opportunities to discuss different sections of the Bible

4th Sunday of the month Sunday Tea sharing food and friendship together.

Following the evening service, there will be a gathering for our 14-18s, beginning at 7:45pm.


Talks and sermons from our recent services are available to stream online; listen now.



We would love to see you at any of our services.  As you arrive you’ll be greeted by one of our stewards and offered a notice sheet which contains information about what is happening during the coming week.  Our services are usually led by one of our Pastors and begin with a time of sung worship followed by the Bible readings and a talk relating to those readings.  Our services also include notices, times of prayer, and sometimes hearing about a particular group, event, or ministry in the life of STBBC.

Communion is served twice a month, once at a morning service and once at an evening service.  We share this meal together to celebrate the death and the resurrection of Jesus and the ongoing work of God in the world.  It is open to all who love God.  Small pieces of bread are serviced on plates that are passed around the congregation as we remember Jesus’ body.  This is followed by a small cup of non-alcoholic red juice which we then drink together remembering Jesus’ blood.

There’s no dress code, and you’ll be welcome whatever your background, age or experience of faith.   
Pick up a Welcome Bag on your first visit and you’ll get all the key information about STBBC as well as some water and Fairtrade chocolate.

Please don’t be afraid to talk to any of our leaders, stewards, volunteers or the person sitting next to you.  Tell them you’re new and feel free to ask them any questions you may have or just say hello.

If you have any questions about Sundays or if you'd like to arrange for someone to specifically meet you when you arrive for the first time, please contact us.