We are committed to living generously. We believe that regular giving is part of how we live out our commitment to God and to one another.

All gifts and offerings that we receive are used to support the mission and ministry of STBBC.  The life and work of our church community is financed entirely from the contributions of our members, including the payment of staff salaries and the maintenance of our premises.  Some additional income is raised through the hiring of our facilities to charities, businesses, local agencies and individuals and goes towards the upkeep of the building so that it can continue to be a resource for our local community as well as a place of worship.  As part of our commitment to practicing generosity a proportion of our income is given away each year to support other local, national and overseas charities.




To set up a regular standing order or amend an existing standing order, download a standing order form or pick up a form from the church reception desk.

Once the form is complete, hand it in to the church office for the attention of the Finance Manager. 


Account No: 68382057

Sort Code: 55-50-28

Please ensure you email us to confirm a new standing order or if you have amended an existing one.

If you are a UK Tax payer please download a GIFT AID DECLARATION FORM or pick up a form from the church reception desk. This enables us to claim back 25p for each £1 that you donate.


Account No: 68382057

Sort Code: 55-50-28

If you are a UK tax payer please download a GIFT AID DECLARATION FORM or pick up a form from the church reception desk. This enables us to claim back 25p for each £1 that you donate.

If you already Gift Aid with STBBC please ensure your Gift Aid Number is quoted as the reference when making a transfer.


You can place both cash or cheque in the offering bag at any of our Sunday services or alternatively collect a giving envelope from the church reception desk and return it to the church office.

Please write your unique gift aid number on the back of any cheques or envelopes. 


If you are a Higher Rate or Additional Rate taxpayer, you can increase your charitable donations by using Payroll Giving. This increases your donations by the amount of the tax you would have paid on the donation if you'd kept it as income - about 67% for Higher Rate taxpayers, or about 82% for Additional Rate taxpayers.


If you are considering making a bequest to STBBC or have already included a gift to STBBC in your will and would like to talk to somebody or require more information, then please feel free to contact us. This information will be treated in confidence and is not binding in any way.

General information is also available from churchlegacy.org.uk


If you pay Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the UK, we can claim back 25p on every £1 you donate through the Gift Aid scheme.

Simply download a gift aid declaration form or pick one up from the church reception desk.  Return the form to the church office and you will be issued with a unique Gift Aid number. 

If you pay higher or additional rate tax, you may recover this through your own tax return. Alternatively, you may pass on this extra tax to STBBC by giving via your employer's payroll giving scheme.

If you are a UK higher rate (40 per cent) or additional rate (45 per cent) income tax payer and you give to STBBC directly and allow us to reclaim the basic rate tax through Gift Aid then you may recover, through your tax return, the difference between the basic rate tax that STBBC recovers and the higher or additional rate that you have paid.

If you give via Payroll Giving then, because you are giving 'pre-tax', you are able to pass on the full benefit of your tax to STBBC immediately.



The work that we carry out and activities we run would not be possible without the fantastic team of volunteers that offer their time and skills to invest in others.  From receptionists to event planners, tea makers and dish washers, those who set up and those who pack away, every single volunteer we have is a valuable member of our team and enables us to run a vibrant church full of activity each and every day.

If you would like to volunteer with us, we’d love to hear from you!


We recognise blood and organ donation as part of our giving and commit to long term advocacy of this life saving act of generosity.  As a church we have committed to:

  • Talk about Donation
  • Donate together
  • Raise awareness in our community