Generosity is one our core values at STBBC where we recognise that God is a life-giving and generous God. As a community we seek to mirror this generosity and prioritise the poor and marginalised.

In addition to our local community work and the support we offer to projects in the UK, we are also passionate about our wider world and our giving is reflected by the overseas mission initiatives that we champion.


BMS World Mission 

BMS is a mission organisation working in around 35 countries across four continents.  BMS works with local partners in striving to make Jesus known and to share the full life Jesus brings.  From legal work to surgery, food projects to education, BMS works creatively among the most marginalised and least evangelised people in the world.  

As the primary mission agency for Baptists in the UK, BMS have longstanding relationships with many Baptist churches, including STBBC.  As well as supporting them financially and through prayer, we also get involved with various BMS initiatives, including the recent Dignity Campaign working to highlight and tackle Gender-Based Violence around the world.


Gemma Leadley is a member of our congregation serving with BMS in Bangladesh. She currently lives and works as an English teacher at an international school in Dhaka that provides education for mission workers’ children, releasing their parents to work in wider ministries. She also plans to engage with local community projects run through the local church.

Reach Out to the Child is a charity set-up by STBBC members to support the work of Mseleni Children’s Home and Lulisandla Kumntwana, an organisation supporting social work and foster families amongst aids orphans.  Mseleni is a community in the north-east corner of South Africa, near the border with Mozambique.

STBBC has sent groups out to Mseleni over a number of years.  The groups have built homes, helped run children’s clubs and workshops, delivered food parcels, and helped in local schools and hospitals.  We also run a number of fundraising activities, including the ever-popular ROTTC quiz nights, to provide ongoing support for this work.

28 Too Many is a charity working to end female genital mutilation (FGM).  Their primary focus is on research and enabling local initiatives to end FGM in the 28 African countries where it is regularly practiced and across their diaspora.  They also network and advocate for the global eradication of FGM, working closely with charities and organisations seeking to end violence against women. 

After hearing from Ann-Marie Wilson, the founder and Executive Director of 28 Too Many, at our woman’s conference, we were inspired to financially support, and regularly pray for, this work.

Linked with Transform Europe Now, Danny and Vera Kuranji have been working in the Balkans for nearly 30 years, leading a church in Novi Sad, running a hospice ministry, and carrying out drug rehabilitation work.

As much of their work is funded through a local shop, STBBC collects clothes that can be sent to Serbia and sold in the shop, helping to fund their work.

Each year we send hundreds of shoeboxes to children in other parts of the world who might otherwise not receive a Christmas gift.  Filled and wrapped shoeboxes are donated from people within the church, local schools, and the wider community.

In 2016 we embarked on a new partnership with the Southend Salvation Army which will see our shoeboxes donated to children in four locations across Romania.

Toilet Twinning is an initiative co-ordinated by Tearfund. With 2.4 billion people living without safe, clean and hygienic sanitation, twinning your toilet helps people gain access to proper latrines, clean water, and the information they need to be healthy.

Having begun in 2015, STBBC is working on twinning each one of our toilets over the next three years, helping to fund toilets in Bangladesh, Sierra Leone and many other locations.